How we carry out the project

How we carry out the project for design

Designing large format stores

Designing large format stores is always a challenge, but we accept such proposals with joy, because the best design always results from the limitations and respect of strictly imposed rules. This type of investment is managed in a different way than residential architecture or even a cafe or restaurant project. These laws need to be analysed, understood, accepted as their own, and only then can one begin to design.

Solei - boutique hotel

Hotel Solei was one of the first boutique hotels in Poznań. The design assumption was, therefore, to create a place that provides guests with the convenience of a 4-star hotel while leaving out everything that is usually associated with hotels. Repeatable furniture, uniform carpeting and impersonal mood - both investors and designers wanted to avoid it.

Malta Yacht Club

Malta Yacht Club is a project located on Lake Malta in Poznań. The concept of the premises located on such a beautiful recreational area, which is used by both walkers, athletes and tourists, was to create a harbour where you can stop for a coffee during the day and relax a bit from the hustle of the city or meet in the evening with friends to enjoy the view of city lights reflecting in the calm waters of Malta.

Recipe for a fig

While a restaurant project can be created within a month, its implementation and supervision over the investment extends to a period of unexpected changes, a turbulent year.


Eat healthy and tasty, being on a diet and living on the run - impossible? Possible with us!

How we designed the Melomania Restaurant in Poznań

When we enter the historic world from the interwar period, hooking at the neighbourhood of such important symbols of Poznań as the Poznań Philharmonic or the Grand Theater itself - we face a huge and responsible challenge, which is the interior decoration in the functions of a restaurant and musical concert venues surrounded by beautiful details that create the whole climate. Our office faced this task in consideration with the current shape of the place.